Accessing Files Through File Manager

Your Bergbuilds cPanel includes a File Manager that allows interacting directly with the files stored within a Bergbuilds account. This can be useful for uploading files or (occasionally) software that cannot be automatically installed via the Installatron. File Manager can also be helpful if there is a need to change the name or permissions of a file or group or files, or to quickly edit a plain text file. To access files via the File Manager, use these steps:

  1. Login to the Application Portal at
  2. Once logged in and at the landing page of cPanel, the easiest way to navigate the panel is using the search feature in the top right of the screen. Click the Search box and type “File Manager” (without the quotes). Or alternatively, scroll down and choose File Manager from the icons within the Files block as seen here:

Files area of cPanel with File Manager icon

When File Manager is opened, it will look something like this:

Screen Capture of the File Manager

On the left side of the File Manager window, is the navigation menu containing the file structure of a Bergbuilds account. Click the [+] (expand) icon next to a folder to see what subfolders it contains, or click on the name of the folder to view all of its contents in the file browser on the right side of the page. Navigate through the folders in an account by double-clicking on them in the file browser on the right side of the File Manager page.

To select an item, click once on its icon in the file browser. Keyboard shortcuts (Shift, Command, Control, etc), can also be used to to select multiple (or all) items from this list.

Depending on what is selected, different options will be available in the action menu across the top of the File Manager page. When a folder or file is selected, it can be renamed, have its permissions changed, or it can be deleted.

More information about File Manager and how to use it is available on the cPanel documentation site at

If more assistance is needed using File Manager, please submit a request to the support desk, and mention that help is requested with a site, and someone will be in touch.