Installing Applications with Installatron

Installatron is a script installer that allows quick and easy installation of Web applications. By default when using Installatron, the application added will be automatically upgraded whenever a new version is available (and a backup will be kept, just in case).

Installing Applications Using Installatron

To get started log into by visiting the application portal at and then selecting the 'Berg Builds' icon.

Application Portal Login Screen

The cPanel screen will load. Within the Applications section of cPanel are the "greatest hits" of WordPress, Omeka, Scalar, and GRAV. Clicking any of these icons will initiate Installatron, and the application will begin installation.

There is also an icon for 'My Apps' - this will pull together all apps currently installed on a user's Bergbuilds domain, and present them on a screen making management easy. There is also an icon labeled 'All Applications' Clicking 'All Applications' brings up a page with all the open-source applications available for installation on a Bergbuilds domain through the Installatron.

cPanel Applications section screen

For our current example, imagine installing the Omeka digital exhibit Web application. Although Omeka can be installed right from the "Greatest Hits" area of the applications group, imagine clicking "All Applications", which lists everything currently available for installation with Installatron, and finding Omeka there.

screencapture of the Installatron screen

After clicking the Omeka icon, a page will appear with a number of settings you can choose or change. The image below shows these settings; here is a rundown of them.

Installatron options page screencapture

Location: Choose where to install the new application. It can be installed at the first (or 'base') level of a Bergbuilds domain or in a subdomain (which needs to set up first, and then will appear in a dropdown list). In addition, applications can be installed in a folder (in either the base directory, or a subdirectory.) These choices, and why they may be important, are covered in greater detail in the Domain Management section of this guide. If the Web application being installed is intended to be the homepage of a Bergbuilds domain, then simply select the default location, and make sure nothing is present in the form field labeled, "Directory (Optional)".

Version Information: Choose a version of the application. Generally, we recommend choosing the default version. It is likely to be the most recent, stable release.

Updates & Database Management: By default, the system is set up to automatically upgrade (and create backups upon upgrading) all applications. In addition, by default, the database will be set up automatically. We recommend NOT changing these options.

Username and Password: A username and password will be automatically generated. This can be changed, and often modifying these values is a good idea. We recommend changing the Administrator Username to something secure and that is easier to remember. While it should always be possible to access a Web application through the cPanel, sometimes it is preferable to access an administrative account directly. This Username and Password will be required to log in directly to the administrative panel of an installed Web Application. Pro tip: A password safe, like 1Password might be just the thing to securely keep track of these accounts.

Website Title: Pick a title for the site that will be created when the application is installed. This should be changed from the default title! After installation, the screen will return to the main Installatron page, with details about the application just installed. From this screen, application details can be reviewed, an application can be backed up manually, or uninstalled.

Next, login to the control panel by going to The Dashboard is where every aspect of a Website or Web application is managed. In order to install WordPress, look within the "greatest hits" area of the cPanel. The very top block of icons is labeled "Applications" and WordPress has an icon within it. Click the WordPress icon to begin installation.

Returning to My Applications

After any application installation completes, the screen will be redirected to the My Applications page. In the case of an Omeka installation (and typically) this page includes three links:

  1. the URL to the new site,
  2. the URL to the new site's administrative dashboard, where much of the actual work of producing, customizing, and maintaining a site takes place, and
  3. the URL to the Web application's support forum where users worldwide consult with each other. This is often a great source for help, tips, and instructions

We encourage trying the Installatron and getting familiar with the process of istalling AND deleting Web applications available through Bergbuilds. The basics of Installatron have been covered, but more detailed information covering installations utilizing subdomains, or installations within subdirectories, is covered in later pages of this guide.