Introduction to cPanel

A Web hosting account on Bergbuilds is managed through a control panel interface called cPanel. cPanel is an industry-standard tool for managing your domain and hosting. Using this tool, users can do all kind of things with their Web space including the following:

  • install Web applications create email accounts view and manage files in your space
  • create subdomains create and configure FTP accounts
  • review access logs for your site
  • manually manage and configure databases

Accessing cPanel is easy! Simply login through the One Login application portal (, click the Bergbuilds application icon, and a domain's cPanel will automatically be displayed.

One Login Berg Builds icon

cPanel is divided into sections, making it easy to locate the different open-access software tools and services available. Many of the documents here at intend to walk through particular tasks in cPanel, but we encourage further exploration, as well!

cPanel maintains quality, up-to-date documentation covering every feature of its interface. Access cPanel's documentation by visiting: Several aspects of cPanel have been customized by our hosting provider, Reclaim Hosting. A few other, minor changes have been made in order to customize Bergbuilds for our particular uses and needs. On the whole, the cPanel documentation is helpful and accurately depicts cPanel's features and capabilities. For a full list of cPanel's Feature List, visit

Finally, cPanel staff have prepared a series of instructional videos. Again, not all features depicted are applicable to Bergbuilds. Be especially careful to avoid changing cPanel access passwords, as Bergbuilds relies upon a single sign-on Application Portal to manage cPanel access. In other words, please do not follow the instructions specified in cPanel's instructional videos or other documentation showing how to change passwords or how to enable two-factor authentication. The Muhlenberg College application portal will manage logging in to every Bergbuilds domain. View pertinent cPanel instructional videos by visiting this YouTube Playlist