What Can You Do?

Your ability to do things on Bergbuilds is dictated to a large degree by the limits of your imagination. That said, there are some technical requirements and limitations that you should be aware of and might want to review.

To spark your imagination, here are some ideas that might help you get started:

Install a Web Application in Your Space

bergbuilds.domains makes it very simple to install certain Web applications in your Web space. Web applications are just special software that run on a Web server. Usually they allow you to build and manage a Web site. The kind of site you can build depends upon the type of application you install. Here are some examples of applications that you can easily install within the Bergbuilds Web hosting interface:

WordPress Probably the most popular application among Bergbuilds users, and among the most popular software in the world, WordPress is a blogging application. You may have already encountered WordPress in a course at Muhlenberg, and possibly even have created an e-portfolio with it. While it allows you to quickly and easily set up a blog, it also comes with certain features that really make it possible to set up any kind of basic Web site without much difficulty. We have resources available that are focused on installing and using WordPress (including some excellent Lynda.com video tutorials available through our Application Portal).

Mediawiki If you’ve ever browsed or edited Wikipedia, you’ve already used Mediawiki. It is the open-source wiki software that runs the online encyclopedia, and you can install it on your Web space. It’s a good choice if you’re interested in publishing documents and then collaborating with others on them. We have instructions for installing Mediawiki.

Omeka Omeka is an open-source content management system for online digital collections and online exhibit creation. Like WordPress, Omeka can be extended through a variety of specialized themes and plugins.

ZenPhoto This application is a good choice if you’re looking for a way to share images in your Web space, perhaps as an alternative to sharing them on commercial platforms that require you to relinquish some of your rights over your photos. It’s also a quick install through Installatron in cPanel onto your Bergbuilds Web space.

These are just a FEW of the open-source applications that are available to you in your Bergbuilds Web space. You can find a list of all of the applications you can install automatically here. We encourage you to read more about what Web applications are and which ones are available for you to use.