Migrating from Bergbuilds

Bergbuilds domains can serve as hubs for all the work, scholarly, and otherwise, done while at Muhlenberg College. But unlike the Learning Management System (Canvas), content created and stored within a Bergbuilds domain can be migrated to another web host provider after graduation. Or you can instead easily zip up your Bergbuilds content and save it on a personal storage device for future access.

If you would like to export your data from your Bergbuilds account, there are several options.

If you are leaving Muhlenberg, you can migrate your domain from Bergbuilds to Reclaim Hosting very easily. Reclaim Hosting provides Muhlenberg College with the Bergbuilds platform, so the capacities and interfaces available through a personal account on Reclaim Hosting should look very familiar.

If you would like to move to a different hosting service, you can find information in this section on how to create a backup of your files and databases. This compressed folder of your domain can then be imported into other web hosting services, or stored on your personal drives for future use.

You can also find information on how to export the data from a WordPress installation in order to move it to another WordPress installation on another hosting provider, or move it to WordPress.com.

This guide will show you how to complete a domain and data transfer to Reclaim Hosting, how to back up and save all the contents of your Bergbuilds domain (without transferring), and how to move a WordPress blog to WordPress.com.